What To Expect

What should I know before my first visit?
Please be sure to eat prior to treatment and come wearing loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to elbows and knees. We will discuss a course of treatment after your initial intake based upon your specific needs. You will then be invited to turn off your phone, sit back and relax while the needles do the work.

How many treatments will I need?
Acupuncture is a process. Typically a course of treatment will depend on your complaint. Acute (<3 months) issues can often be resolved in a handful of sessions, while chronic problems can require months of regular treatment. More serious issues like auto-immune diseases are best addressed with weekly treatments that are on-going.

How long is a typical treatment?
Initial treatments are typically 45 minutes to one hour. Follow up visits are around 40 minutes. If you desire to stay longer or leave a bit earlier than usual, just let us know that day.

How much does a treatment cost?
We offer $45 treatments, much less than other clinics. The purpose of this savings is to keep costs affordable and help you fully commit to the course of treatment entailed on your first visit. There is a one-time paperwork fee of $15 added to your first visit.

Do you accept insurance?
Currently we do not take insurance. Notably, our fees are comparable to your typical co-pay for other office visits. It’s our way of keeping this process simple. We encourage you to use your flexible spending account (FSA) with us. We are happy to provide a receipt upon request.

Is acupuncture safe?
Yes. All licensed acupuncturists go through National safety training. In addition, single-use, disposable needles are required by law.

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