Tea Time

Slo Ritual

Right now we undeniably have the time to savor the good stuff. Rituals are our lifeblood in this new world. They give us a sense of grounding – of things that haven’t changed. In return, we owe these rituals our newly minted free time. 

For me, this is savoring my morning tea. Climbing out of bed towards this indulgence has always been easy. Despite Spring’s insistence of moving forward, tea’s hygge status is a constant.

The ritual begins with the kettle’s rumblings followed by my cat, Puck’s reminder of how patiently he had been waiting for breakfast. But he knows full well how this plays out and will keep waiting impatiently as I lay out the indispensable tools for this daily ritual – a beloved tin teapot from past travels, a teaspoon & strainer, a designated morning mug, and of course the perfectly malty Chinese Yunnan loose tea that I discovered after years of pursuit. The kettle begins to match Puck’s cries. Scout, my forever puppy who cannot grasp the concept of tasks unrelated to her, has joined the cacophony. With timer set, the tea performs its magic for the next 5 minutes while I attend to my fur babies. 

After the hungry masses are satiated I return to my tea and admire the perfect  brew. And now, the heart of the ritual unfolds as I sit quietly for a while and do nothing but savor it. 

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