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“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days”. – Lao Tzu

Puck, our senior cat in residence taught me this lesson the hard way last month.  We were having an early morning snuggle-fest when apparently my absent-minded petting went all kinds of wrong. To my surprise, my unfortunately hasty stroking was countered with an abrupt bite into the belly of my forearm that was lingering and deep.  Once the shock wore off, I was able to clean it out and access the damage.  I then did what any sane cat owner would do – I punished him with the silent treatment.

It wasn’t until later in the day that the wound was getting visibly infected. Of course it was. I knew how often Puck brushed and the facts weren’t reassuring. I dialed a friend had once been an ER nurse. She confirmed what I had been dreading,  “You must go to the hospital now”. “But, Covid!” I professed.

10 minutes later I was on my way to Urgent Care all gloved and masked up. Sure enough, a tetanus shot followed by an x-ray, IV anti-biotics and another round for home care later… I was definitely not speaking to Puck for at least another day.


I relay this story not for sympathy, but as a cautionary tale in the times of the Coronavirus. Also, it’s just a good idea to slow down and listen to your intuition. Chop veggies with mindfulness. Walk without a phone and with head forward. Skip that woodworking project and do a puzzle instead. And mind your geriatric cat. He was right all along. Go slow and no one gets hurt.

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