Slo Living

And just like that the World’s merry-go-round has come to a grinding halt. Suddenly, we have all unexpectedly entered a new world of Slo Living. In the coming weeks I will revisit many simple, yet profound gifts that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Taoism have shared throughout the ages to best manage challenging times. Self care begins with slowing down. All of our To Do lists become amplified in their efficacy and enjoyment when we slow down – Slo cooking, Slo eating, Slo exercising, Slo walking, Slo breathing, Slo playing, Slo working… You get the idea. I will explore how purposefully engaging in slowing down can benefit your body, mind and spirit while we actually have the time to do just that.

“Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished”. – Lao Tzu

Flow Slo,

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