We maintain healthy lives through routine and affordable acupuncture.

What we do at Slo-Poke:

WhatWeDoYou show up. We move qi (vital energy). Your body does the rest.
Could it be that simple? Imagine your body as a freeway system with energy (qi) circulating through it. Everything is moving along smoothly until there’s an accident, traffic, roadblocks, etc. These interruptions to your natural flow are similar to injury, illness and disease. We use needles to unblock energy currents so your body can get back to what it does best – GO WITH THE FLOW.

Why we do it:

WhyWeDoItAt Slo Poke Acupuncture, we believe that the key to health already lies within you.
From first-hand experience, we witness the on-going results of sustaining health versus recovering from sickness. In ancient China, doctors were paid to maintain healthy patients and were often dismissed if illness prevailed. We agree that thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and millions of patients got healthcare right long ago.

Create a Healthy Habit that is Affordable & Convenient:

tablelogoFee Information

Initial visit including consultation $55
Follow-up visits $45
5 follow-up treatments $210 ($15 savings) * used within 6 weeks
10 follow-up treatments $400 ($50 savings) *used within 12 weeks